Semay Wu is a cellist, composer and sound artist. She first trained in Manchester at the Royal Northern College of Music alongside musical communities that led her to embrace a multi-cultural aural landscape. Paying attention to alternative processes of listening, her experimentation with her instrument began, exploring how sound could be produced within a much wider context. This process radically changed her thinking around ‘play’, developing an individual signature within live, and composed performances.

Her current compositional and performance research/practice continues to explore the physical and philosophical challenges within multidisciplinary contexts and spaces, through the lens of improvisation; and within an electro-acoustic domain. Her attention lies in the interaction between sonic and gestural languages focusing on qualities such as form, tension/release, articulation, and how our intentions are physically expressed on the outside. She works with DIY electronics using sensor (and Ipson) technology, live-capture/fixed visuals, video-art, and programming through MaxMSP software.

She initiated the ‘New Emergences’ lecture and discussion series, based in The Hague, which supports under-voiced artists by centring discourse on complex Gender issues current within Electronic music and Sound Art.